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SWEET CHARITY is a comical but tender look at the adventures and misadventures in the ways of love encountered by New York dance hall hostess Charity Hope Valentine. Dreaming of old-fashioned romance, Charity is always falling for the wrong man and gives her heart to... read more
THE WARS OF THE ROSES 16 Sep to 31 Oct 2015

THE WARS OF THE ROSES 16 Sep to 31 Oct 2015

SHAKESPEARE’S GAME OF THRONES A NATION AT WAR WITH ITSELF. FATHER AGAINST SON, HUSBAND AGAINST WIFE, BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER. Epic, enthralling, extraordinary. This autumn the Rose stage will be transformed into a battleground for The Wars of the Roses, a... read more


Michael Xavier

Thank you for all the advice for my migraine everyone. I can't believe how many suffer from them!! 😱

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